Man accused of running over woman multiple times after argument

Posted at 12:23 AM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 00:23:23-04

SAN ANTONIO (KSAT/CNN) – A Texas man is charged with murder after he allegedly killed a transient woman, whom police say he allowed to live behind his property, by running her over with a car.

Police say 89-year-old John Bogard got in an argument Saturday afternoon with a woman at a San Antonio property he owns, where he allows homeless people to stay.

As the woman was leaving the property, Bogard allegedly got into his car and ran her over several times.

Witness Jose Sandoval, who lives behind Bogard’s property, says he spoke to the woman just minutes before he witnessed her death.

"He was chasing her with his car, and he struck her. She flew over the car and landed by the back tire. He put the car in reverse and ran her over,” said Sandoval in Spanish.

Sandoval says he witnessed the driver run the woman over multiple times, even calmly getting out of the vehicle to see her body stuck under the car, before driving off.

"My wife screamed, ‘She's still alive’ because you could see her breathing,” Sandoval said.

The witness says two people with concealed carry guns stopped to help, firing shots at the suspect to try and get him to stop. Authorities say one of Bogard’s tires was blown out.

“You know the person, and you know she didn't deserve this,” Sandoval said.

Police later found the car at Bogard’s home, just minutes away.

Neighbors say they often heard arguments between Bogard and the homeless people who lived at his property.

"I never would have thought it would end up in what happened today – you know, that that would be the end result. I thought they were just always arguing for the smallest thing,” neighbor Hector Lopez said.

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