Man accused of installing video camera in mall restroom

Posted at 1:37 AM, Jan 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-18 01:37:53-05

WHITE MARSH, MD (WBAL/CNN) – A home security camera installer faces “peeping Tom” charges after allegedly installing a camera that filmed people using a Maryland mall’s family bathroom.

Police say Mussawwir Sterrett, 40, set up a motion sensor camera inside a family restroom at the White Marsh Mall food court in White Marsh, MD.

“This was a recording device that was attached to a very small camera that the suspect had secured on a partition separating two of the bathroom stalls,” said Officer Jennifer Peach with the Baltimore County Police.

The suspect caught himself on the video while installing the camera, police say, and after his picture was released to the public, tips led officers to Sterrett, who was arrested Tuesday.

Some people were recorded nude on the camera, which was discovered in the restroom Dec. 23, but most weren’t because the camera got knocked out of place at some point.

“We’re very concerned because this is somebody who is attempting to record people when they have an expectation of privacy [and] when they are vulnerable,” Peach said.

Police say they’re also concerned because Sterrett runs a business installing cameras in people’s private homes. They say that could mean a whole new set of victims.

"Anyone who had security cameras installed by this company, be aware of the possibility that, if he had entered into your home, to take a second look at your home and second look at the cameras that are installed in your home," Peach said.

Sterrett currently faces “peeping Tom” charges, but because children were recorded in the bathroom, police say he could be facing additional charges.

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