Mailman returns missing plaque of stillborn's hand print to distraught family

Posted at 12:42 PM, Oct 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-28 12:42:55-04

KANSAS CITY (KCTV/CNN) – A family distraught after a thief made off with an irreplaceable item have received it back. 

Tim Gallagher and his wife were distraught after a thief had made off with a sentimental plaque containing the hand and footprints of the couple's stillborn son, Noah. 

"[It] looked like it had been through a rainstorm or two. Had mud all over it," said Jacob Owens, the man who found the plaque and a mailman. 

Before being discarded in the parking lot, someone stole the plaque and jewelry from Tim Gallagher and his wife's home when they kicked in the door. 

"It's such a personal object, it has no monetary value. Early on, I decided I would forgive them," said Gallagher. 

Gallagher asked social media for help, just in case the thief had tossed the plaque and kept the jewelry. 

"It was in the right place for the right guy to find it at the right time," said Gallagher. 

Owens brought the plaque to his post office to see if they could find Noah's family. 

His co-worker immediately recognized the plaque from social media and news coverage. 

"It is a great feeling. It's indescribable. What do you say to someone? You say thank you for being a kind person," said Gallagher. "I want to shake his hand and say thank you for being a nice guy."

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