iPhone iOS 11 update may shrink battery life

iPhone iOS 11 update may shrink battery life
Posted at 1:57 AM, Oct 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-05 06:03:35-04

(RNN) - The iOS 11 upgrade for iPhones may take more than half of a phone’s battery life, experts said.

The new operating system sparked complaints across social media when iPhone users realized that their phone’s battery was draining faster than usual.

A study of 50,000 iPhone and iPad users showed that the average battery life of their devices dropped from 240 minutes on iOS 10, to 96 minutes with iOS 11, The Times said.

Apple released the iOS 11.02 operating system update to fix various glitches and improve performance on the mobile devices, which may have partially resolved the issue with battery life, as the life went from an average of 96 minutes with iOS 11 to 159 minutes on iOS 11.02.

The update also included fixes for crackly audio during phone calls, photos not showing up in libraries and email attachments.

The average battery life with iOS 11.02 is still 81 minutes less than the iOS 10 operating system, The Times said.

Apple didn't directly comment on whether the newest update affected battery life.

There are ways to avoid the battery drain problems, USA Today saidsuch as conducting battery checks and turning off settings such as Background App Refresh, location services, visual effects and auto brightness.

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