I'll have fries with that: Study says French fry cooking oil helps hair growth

Posted at 2:25 AM, Feb 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-06 02:23:17-05

(RNN) – French fries may not be good for your waistline, but your hairline is a whole different story.

Japanese scientists touted the new treatment for hair loss in an article published in the journal Biomaterials.

The method uses the same type of silicon added to cooking oil by some fast-food restaurants, including McDonald’s, to keep it from frothing, Newsweek reported.

And it was that chemical that helped scientists mass-produce "hair follicle germs." They’re a key ingredient in hair growth.

Scientists were able to regrow hair in mice and preliminary research suggests the same method would be just as successful when used on people.

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