Hump day high jinks: Camels escape from petting zoo

Posted at 4:48 AM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-09 00:45:14-05

HIGH RIDGE, MO (KMOV/CNN) – If you’re looking to create a buzz, just let your camels - Jersey, Joe and Jed - escape on a Wednesday.

“The hump day comments were rather priceless. They were hilarious,” Sandra Wiseman, the manager of S+S Farms Exotic Petting Zoo, said. “Yes, there are camels in Jefferson County.”

A family member fed the trio late Wednesday afternoon, but may not have latched the gate properly. That’s when Jersey, Joe and Jed went on the lam.

It wasn't long before their picture was posted on social media, but the trio are used to the attention. They make appearances around the St. Louis area, helping people who need a connection with an animal.

“We do special needs. With Joe, he does wheelchairs. We do Shriner's Hospital, Camp Wonderland,” Wiseman said. “They're around people all the time. They’re very docile animals.”

The threesome only made it about half a mile from the barn and were gone for less than an hour. In fact, it's not clear if they were ever off Wiseman’s 200-acre property before coming back.

“They took off, went up the hill, smiled real pretty for the camera and came home,” she said.

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