Huge eel spill slimes Oregon highway, cars

Huge eel spill slimes Oregon highway, cars
Posted at 6:35 PM, Jul 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-13 17:16:25-04

(RNN) – A truck carrying eels turned over on Thursday in Oregon, dropping hundreds of the slimy creatures along the road and on a car.   

According to The Oregonian, the unsightly mess closed a lane of U.S. 101, and triggered delays in traffic. The eels, which are actually hagfish, are considered a delicacy in Korea. They were being transported to overseas markets, Oregon police say. 

Some of the ells were alive on the highway, trying to slither to safety. The Depoe Bay Fire District was tweeting photos of the event and cleanup.  

One car, a sedan, was surrounded in eel goo. There were no injuries in the accident, the fire district said. 

How slimey are the sea creatures? A hagfish can develop enough slime at one time to fill a milk jug, according to  That ability, such that it is, has earned it the name ‘slime eel,’ but it’s not an eel at all, the site says. 

They have no bones or jaws, but tear off food with tooth-like objects. 

The hagfish can grow to more than 4 feet in size.  Although they look heartless, they actually have four hearts, but are blind, only detecting light. 

Moving equipment and powerful water hoses were used to clean the road of the hagfish.  

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