Home of former NBA player Bosh targeted in raid

Home of former NBA player Bosh targeted in raid
Posted at 12:59 AM, Dec 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-08 21:15:08-05

DESOTO, TX (KTVT/CNN) - The home of basketball pro Chris Bosh was targeted by a police drug raid on Friday morning. Police searched the house in the gated community of DeSoto, TX.

Bosh was not there, but police questioned his mom, Frida Bosh, and others. Police said they received reports about a lot of traffic in and out the house, and possible drug sales going on there.

Investigators seized enough paraphernalia to indicate a possible drug operation, but no one has been arrested.

"We interviewed three or four separate people at the residence this morning at the time the warrant was executed, but as of right now no arrests have been made,” said Sgt. Nick Bristow of the DeSoto Police.

The investigation is ongoing, and there is no indication Bosh is involved in any wrongdoing.

He played in the NBA for 13 seasons, before being cut by the Miami Heat due to health issues this year.

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