GRAPHIC VIDEO: Firefighter shoots neighbor in self-defense

Posted at 11:25 PM, Jul 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-05 23:25:57-04

JOHNSON COUNTY, IN (WISH/CNN) - Newly released video shows a shootout that ends with one neighbor hospitalized and the other facing no charges because authorities say he acted  in self-defense. 

The video starts with Dean Keller adjusting his side of the fence. Authorities say there has been an ongoing dispute between the two over property lines.

About 45 seconds later, Jeffrey Weigle pulls up on a lawn mower and shouts insults at Keller.

Weigle, who rents his portion of the property, adjusts the fence and shouts insults meant for Keller's wife.

The two sides appear to be taking digs at one another before Weigle takes off on the lawn mower.

But, just seconds later, he returns. This time, prosecutors say, he has a gun.

Authorities say he waved it at Keller, and Keller steps to the side and pulls out a gun.

You can hear ten shots fired, and Weigle drops from the lawn mower with four shots to his chest, prosecutors say.

From the ground, Weigle fires several more shots. Keller was not hit.

Weigle gets up and walks inside his home.

Soon police arrived, and EMS crews rushed Weigle to the hospital.

Keller's parents live next door and say this has been an ongoing dispute for more than a decade.

Keller's father, Jerry, said that "Even though he perpetrated it ... still it was hard on my son,  hard on the family."

Keller's mother, Jackie, said she was glad her son defended himself. "I would hate to think that he and his wife were laying out on the ground," she said.

Investigators say Weigle, who was in critical condition, could face charges if he recovers.

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