GRAPHIC: 911 calls released after deadly cougar attack in WA

Posted at 6:05 PM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 18:05:22-04

SNOQUALMIE, WA (KOMO/CNN) – Officials have released 911 calls made during a deadly cougar attack in Washington state.

A mountain biker desperately tried to get rescuers to help his friend, who was later killed by the animal.

You can hear the distress in the 911 call from Isaac Sederbaum after he and S.J. Brooks were attacked by a cougar while mountain biking east of Seattle on Saturday.

"I got attacked by a mountain lion. My friend is up there," Sederbaum told a dispatcher. "I'm so worried about my friend."

Sederbaum ran to find service. At one point he handed the phone over to a passerby who talked to dispatchers.

A dispatcher asked if Sederbaum was conscious.

"He's conscious, yeah. He's got some pretty serious lacerations on his face and head," the passerby said.

S.J. Brooks, a 32-year-old Seattle cyclist, was killed in the attack. Wildlife crews, including Brian Kertson with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, rushed to the scene and killed the cougar.

Kertson, who's studied cougars for nearly 20 years, said the nearly 3-year-old male cougar was 30 to 80 pounds underweight.

"Most of the ones that I have seen that have looked like this, they were dead," Kertson said.

Kertson has tagged nearly 200 cougars, but he said this cougar was different: It came back after the two mountain bikers initially fought it off.

"The determination and the persistence and the aggressiveness of this cat was exceptionally unusual," Kertson said.

The body of the cougar is undergoing a necropsy, an autopsy for an animal. Experts are trying to determine if a disease or potentially an injury could have led it to viciously attack.

Sederbaum survived the attack and he is now in satisfactory condition.

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