Good Samaritan returns wallet with $1,500

Good Samaritan returns wallet with $1,500
Good Samaritan returns wallet with $1,500
Posted at 11:17 AM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 03:09:18-04

SACRAMENTO, CA (KOVR/CNN) - A teenager from California proves to be an honest gentleman, taking a step that some probably wouldn't by returning a wallet with $1,500 in cash and a handful of credit cards.

"We don't hear too many good things like this every day," said Melissa Vang, whose husband is the owner of the wallet.

Where honesty can fail some, the moral compass of Tyler Opdyke came shining through.

"I just really thought about what I would want someone to do if I were to drop my wallet," Opdyke said. "And then I thought about the house. I thought about the family who lived there."

The 18-year-old was handing out fliers for his uncle's pest control business when he spotted a wallet in the driveway of Vang's home.

Her husband accidentally dropped it on his way to his car.

"With that cash, we were planning to go shopping with it for a feast that we had yesterday. But I had no clue had dropped his wallet or how much cash he had carried and was stuck in there,” Vang said.

But when Opdyke knocked on the door to hand it over, Van admits she was afraid to answer.

"I don't open my door to strangers or anyone really that I don't know or recognize. So, after he walked away, I checked my camera," she said.

The security camera footage showed Opdyke flashing her husband's wallet toward the lens before placing it under the doormat. He continued handing out those fliers without giving the decision a second thought.

"I went back to go see if the money was still there because if it was, I was going to keep knocking. And that's when Melissa and her two girls came out and we hugged," Opdyke said.

This trustworthy teen is a reminder that true character counts.

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