Girl dazzles Katy Perry with anti-bullying wish on stage

Posted at 10:10 AM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 10:10:26-04

KANSAS CITY (KCTV/CNN) - A 12-year-old Katy Perry fan got an emotional on-stage moment at a concert over the weekend.

Zoe, whose last name wasn't provided, shared a wish with the crowd so moving, Perry said she plans to visit the school.

"She said 'You, you in the orange hoodie, come up here on stage.' And then the doofus I am, I ran the wrong way," Zoe said.

With a little help from the stage crew, Zoe took the stage next to her favorite singer.

Zoe's stepmom took video as Katy Perry asked the young girl to make a wish.

Zoe's answer melted thousands of hearts: "I wish for my 17-year-old sister with autism to stop getting bullied by the people at her school."

"Katy Perry started tearing up," Zoe said.

The superstar singer even told the audience she'd pay a visit to the Wichita-area school.

"I care about my sister a huge deal - like, I would die for her," Zoe said.

She said she hopes the words of a celebrity will help her big sister.

"Words - word hurt more than actual physical fighting," she said." Verbal words, they can sink into somebody's heart."

Zoe has loved to sing and dance to Katy Perry since she was in preschool, but she'd never been to a concert - until Saturday.

"I just loved her singing style. I love her lyrics. I like everything about her," she said.

Her stepmom took Zoe downtown Saturday under the pretense of taking her to a sing-a-long party, keeping the concert a secret all day until they were right outside the Sprint Center.

"I whipped out the tickets. Her eyes started welling up; her hands started going to her face," said Nellie, the girl's stepmom.

"I was so excited because it was my first concert and I was seeing my idol," Zoe said. "I was having so much fun, me and my stepmom we were singing. We were screaming our heads off and stuff." 

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