Giant Christmas display lights up block, anger of some neighbors

Posted at 10:51 PM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 22:51:51-05

OLD BRIDGE, NJ (News 12 New Jersey LLC/CNN) - Some New Jersey residents have filed complaints against a neighbor who they say attracts too many visitors because of a large Christmas display.

There are 200,000 lights, and the display draws about 20,000 spectators each year. 

The house at 18 Central Avenue is a Christmas spectacle. In all, 200,000 bulbs strong, it lights up the block with a 28-minute light show at the front of the house. 

While to the back of the house there's a more retro feel. "I love it it's really pretty,” said Gianna Mininni, a spectator. "I was impressed. Very impressed. A lot of dedication to get this going every year, " a man said. 

But what if we told you that a neighbor had complained to the police and mayor about the home?  "It's only a month. Just deal with it,” one person said.

It's true not everyone on the block likes Tom Apruzzi's work which he's been doing for 15 years. In fact, his truck was recently vandalized. Police think someone shot a pellet gun breaking the window.

"It's all about fun and all about the smiles on people's faces,” Apruzzi said. To his detractors, he says this: “If they can’t see the joy into the season, I mean if you try to put a stop to this what are you going to take away next Halloween, you're gonna take away Easter,” he said. 

At least three complaints are confirmed by the mayor. One is that there are too many people visiting.  Another is a concern an ambulance or fire truck can't make it down the street due to the crowds. 

But the mayor has addressed these personally. "We have scheduled police presence there to make sure to maintain order and to make sure roads don't get blocked,” said Mayor Owen Henry of Old Bridge, NJ. 

He's even made sure Central Avenue is for residents only. Others have to park a block away and walk to see the light show. 

Apruzzi won't stop. It's all about putting smiles on faces, he says. The lights go on the day after Thanksgiving and they'll be turned off Jan. 2. 

Apruzzi also takes donations for the organization Homes for Troops, a charity that helps injured post-9/11 veterans. Last year he says he was able to donate $9,000 to the organization.

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