Furry cupcake bandit strikes New Jersey family

Posted at 8:19 PM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-14 20:19:05-04

ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP, NJ (News 12 New Jersey/CNN) - Cupcakes were too much of a temptation for a black bear in New Jersey.

Compelled by the fluffy treats, the animal broke into a family car.

"I'm not surprised, they are really good cupcakes," said Christine Allen, the owner of Mo’Pweeze Bakery.

Her popular vegan sweets shop makes award-winning cupcakes. And a batch was recently stolen from her family, but not by a human thief.

The crook was a hungry black bear with a serious sweet tooth.

"Every time we heard a little sound or noise, we were just on edge thinking that it's going to come back," she said. "Paw prints, paw prints."

The family woke up at 2 a.m. on Thursday to their dog barking and a crunching sound coming from their SUV, parked in the front yard of their home.

Allen left the cupcakes in the car overnight for a morning delivery.

"He actually picked up a box and then found a spot, which was right by my bedroom window, which is where he was eating all 24 cupcakes," she said.

The flurry cupcake bandit left a bear of a mess, starting with a broken car window.

The bear also left a trail of paw prints all over the family's SUV, even on the roof.

"I guess persistence definitely paid off, he was on the top of the car," Allen said.

This isn't the first time this hungry bear targeted the family's property.

Last month, the same bear busted the family's back fence in an attempt to get in and out of their yard.

The following day, the wayward bear returned and broke a basement door to get to their garbage.

Rockaway Township police are aware of the bear and said since it caused substantial damage, it may have to be euthanized/

 Allen said she hopes that doesn't happen.

"Maybe move it to some wildlife where there is not population, people around, or something,” she suggested. “But just somewhere he could be safe or she could be safe and we could also be safe.”

State wildlife officials are warning people to stay away from this bear and call authorities if they see him.

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