Florida man shoots AT&T trucks parked outside his house

Florida man shoots AT&T trucks parked outside his house
Posted at 11:03 AM, Jul 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-20 08:30:12-04

HIALEAH, FL (RNN) - A Florida man shot out the tires of AT&T trucks parked outside his house, police told NBC6 in Miami.

Jorge Jove, 64, a retired firefighter, asked the workers to move. They told him they were working on the lines in the neighborhood and would be gone soon.

A cell phone video by one of the workers shows a man identified as Jove approaching the trucks with a revolver in his hand and methodically shooting at the trucks. He stopped to reload several times. The other worker was hoisted aloft in the bucket truck the whole time, NBC6 reported.

Hialeah police Detective Carl Zogby said the gunman was angry because the trucks were parked in front of his driveway.

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"He just lost his mind for a moment. We don’t know what the deal is with him," Zogby said. "Now, as part of the investigation, we’re going to find out if he’s got any history, what his problem is. But this was totally uncalled for."

Jove was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and felony vandalism.

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