Fishermen dive into river to avoid getting hit by another boat

Fishermen dive into river to avoid getting hit by another boat
Posted at 1:11 PM, Jan 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-19 08:47:25-05

(RNN) - Life-changing moments can come in the blink of an eye.

Three people fishing in a boat dive into the Columbia River in Oregon to avoid being run over by another ship. They frantically wave and yell at the captain to get his attention before jumping overboard.

A GoPro camera mounted to the fishing boat captured the action.

The incident happened over the summer, but the video was just released this week by the Angling Oregon website and Salmon Trout Steelheader magazine.

The website is owned Christopher McMahon, one of the people seen diving into the river in the video. The other two are Bryan Maess and Roni Durham.

Maess has filed a $372,500 lawsuit against the driver of the other boat, The Oregonian reported.

Boat driver Marlin Lee Larsen told investigators he couldn’t see where he was driving, according to the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Department. The 75-year-old said he was sitting down and the dash of his boat was blocking his view.

Larsen said he probably should have been standing.

At the end of the video, the boaters encourage others to wear life jackets. That's their life lesson from the incident.

Maess and McMahon weren't wearing vests. Durham had one on, but it didn't inflate.

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