First date goes terribly wrong when woman throws poo out apartment window

First date goes terribly wrong when woman throws poo out apartment window
Posted at 1:04 PM, Sep 06, 2017
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BRISTOL, ENGLAND - (RNN) - A woman on a Tinder date threw her poo out a window when the toilet wouldn’t flush. She got stuck trying to retrieve it and the fire department had to come and smash the window to free her.

Liam Smyth, her date, set up a Gofundme account to help pay for the window. It has more than doubled the target goal, thanks to hundreds of small donors who had a good laugh at Smyth's hilarious account.

The woman, who is an amateur gymnast, and  Smyth, a graduate student, were having a lovely time after a nice dinner, watching a documentary about Scientology back at his apartment when she excused herself.

She returned distraught, confessed that she’d had a poo and panicked when the toilet wouldn’t flush. She fished it out with a tissue and tossed it out the window. Unfortunately, the window is weirdly configured so that it does not open to the outside, but rather a gap between another window panel. Moreover, it is a window of the non-opening variety.

It gets worse.

They went into the bathroom together and the woman felt sure that she could use her gymnastic skills to crawl through a small transom above the window and retrieve the poo to be disposed of properly. It took a great deal of wriggling, but she managed to reach and seize the objective and pass it back to Smyth, who put it back in the toilet.

It was then the couple realized that she was stuck fast, upside-down, leaving no other alternative but to call the fire department.

The rescuers had to take a moment to compose themselves as they evaluated the situation. They extracted her by smashing the entire window.

Smyth explained in his plea for donations that he is an impoverished student, and the cost of replacing the window would exhaust his entire monthly budget.

“If the window is not replaced my landlord may well kill me, so you would literally helping to save a life,” he wrote.

There is a happy ending. The internet did internet things, the story flashed around the globe, Smyth was interviewed on British radio, and to date, 293 greatly amused donors have contributed more than 2,100 pounds after one day.

Smyth promised that after he pays for the window, he will split the rest between two charities. Toilet Twinning is a charity that builds and maintains flush toilets in developing nations. The other half will go to the Fire Fighters Charity.

And while the relationship is still in the early stages, Smyth and the woman, who requested anonymity for obvious reasons, have already been on .... wait for it ... date No. 2.

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