Firefighters help save choking boy from four states away

Firefighters help save choking boy from four states away
Posted at 3:06 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 11:45:54-05

WAYLAND, MA (WBZ/CNN) – Firefighters received a message over the weekend from a frantic mom who needed help for her choking teenage son.

She didn’t have a phone so she reached out through Facebook messenger. One problem, the woman wasn’t in Massachusetts.

“She was unable to perform the Heimlich,” firefighter Patrick Walkinshaw said. “She listed her address which immediately caught our attention because it wasn't an address in Wayland, MA."

The woman was 800 miles away in Michigan.

"We were able to find the Wayland, MI, Fire Department phone number and notified their dispatch (and) confirmed the address,” firefighter Dean Casali said. “They were able to send a response to the address to help the victim."

As Michigan firefighters rushed to help the woman’s son, the Massachusetts firefighters continued to help on their end.

"Once we got the ambulance dispatched to her, I got back on the messenger app and tried to communicate with her, try and walk her through some instructions,” firefighter William Tyree said, “and give her some pre-arrival instructions before the ambulance got there."

Thanks to the quick actions of both fire departments, the teen is OK.

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