Father: Coaches conspired to hurt daughter, so she'd quit baseball

Posted at 1:30 AM, Apr 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-15 01:30:01-04

DURHAM, NH (WMUR/CNN) – An internal investigation is underway after the father of the only girl in a New Hampshire baseball league alleged two coaches discussed intentionally hurting his daughter, so she would quit.

In an email to the Oyster River Youth Association of Durham, NH, the father said two other league coaches alerted him to the situation. He alleges the conversations took part at a downtown Durham bar last month during a player draft.

One of the coaches allegedly said he’ll have a player on his team "bean her right in the ear hole and she'll quit instantaneously,” according to the father’s email.

The father went on to say that if action wasn’t taken on the issue, he would be forced to pull his daughter from the league.

The ORYA says they are looking into the alleged conversation. The association’s director says boys and girls are encouraged to take part and that the league “takes steps to ensure the safety of those involved.”

It also noted a belief that volunteer coaches are “vital” to the league and they “look out for the well-being of all kids.”

"We just hope that this family is able to get some relief from this situation, and we're obviously happy that things are being investigated,” said Durham Town Council Chair Kitty Marple.

Marple says that while the city budgets about $40,000 to help fund the association, it doesn’t have any leadership over it.

"The Oyster River Youth Association has been around for decades now, and they're an excellent organization, but they have their own board of directors and they will have their own investigation as to what has occurred,” Marple said.

Durham police say they are not involved in the investigation.

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