Family shocked by caterpillar-infested chocolate

Posted at 7:55 AM, Dec 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-22 07:55:35-05

OMAHA, NE (WOWT/CNN) – A Nebraska family got an unwelcome surprise while eating Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls when insect larvae crawled out.

Mother Nicole Dyer says she bought a sealed plastic container of Ferrero Rocher chocolate treats at Walmart on Dec. 1, and the family opened the box 10 days later.

The box had a printed expiration date of Jan. 2, 2018.

But when Dyer and her children, Mario and Iyamari, bit into the treats, they discovered what looked like worms inside.

“I just spit mine out and about threw up,” Mario said.

Dyer was concerned her kids would suffer side effects from eating the bugs, which were identified as Indian Meal Moth caterpillars.

“These don’t cause any problems to humans. They don’t spread diseases. They don’t vector anything. They’re just one of those ‘ick’ sort of things,” said Kathleen Cue, who identified the insects, at the University of Nebraska Extension Service office.

Family attorney James Martin Davis says he’ll write a letter to Ferrero and Walmart.

“We don’t intend to place a claim against you because nobody was seriously injured or whatever, but you ought to be on notice telling them about these quality control issues,” Davis said.

Ferrero said in a statement that rare occurrences of infestation have been seen in the Ferrero Rocher chocolates and that these typically occur when the product is not stored in ideal conditions during retail distribution or at home.

“We print proper storage instructions on all of our outer cartons and each consumer package. Infestation can occur if the product is stored with or near infested food products or pet products,” the company said.

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