Family says pet snake is being held 'hostage' at a boarding facility

Family says pet snake is being held 'hostage' at a boarding facility
Posted at 5:12 PM, Aug 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-27 02:46:56-04

A young woman leaving for college is without her pet snake. 

The problem is that she says the boarding facility is refusing to let her see the red tail boa, leaving the family rattled. 

"My daughter loves her snake. She's had it for four years. But we haven't been able to see Santana in over a month in a half," said Mother, Falecia Fuller. 

Fuller's daughter, Ariyon leaves for college soon. 

So the two found what they thought would be the perfect temporary home for Santana in South Euclid where Ariyon would be able to visit her at anytime. 

"We found Herps alive.My daughter paid for it on her own and we had her to stay there until my daughter graduates college," said Fuller.

However here's where the issue comes into play, Fuller and her daughter say they haven't seen their beloved snake since the day they dropped her off. 

"First he told us that she was sick with a virus and had the mites so he sent her off to the vet," added Fuller. 

She says time after time there's an excuse as to why they can't see Santana, so now they're fearing the worst.

"My guess is that Santana is being bred somewhere. Because she is a nice snake," said Fuller. 

We spoke to Keith Gisser, Executive Director of the foundation. He says that's not the case at all.

"We're a rescue. They're too many boa constrictors to begin with. We certainly wouldn't be breeding any animals," said Gisser.

He's claiming the reason why Fuller and her daughter haven't been able to see Santana is because she's being treated for mites off premises in Pennsylvania. 

"When he was brought to us he was covered in mites. We wanted to get him off the property because we have 40 or 50 other snakes here and mites are highly contagious," said Gisser.

But Falecia says that's simply not true. 

"Mites come from wood chips. We have paper."

Either way she's wondering why she was never told about Santana being moved to begin with. Gisser says it's all because of scheduling differences. 

"I do owe them a phone call. I will admit to that. The running around and not being able to talk. I have not been able to get them this status update which I was suppose to get them a few days back," said Gisser. 

Of course Cleveland 19 will be closely following this story. We'll update you on Santana's Status as more information becomes available. 

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