DUI driver had lizard under shirt during crash, police say

Posted at 7:34 PM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 19:34:32-04

TAUNTON, MA (CNN/WCVB) -  A Massachusetts woman is under arrest after a wild crash that police say involved a lot of drinking and a bearded dragon lizard.

“She had to be doing about 70 mph. She hit that hill and she was almost airborne,” said Leo Cote, who had a mailbox damaged. 

“I heard this big bang, and it sounded like a car crash," said Alan Keith, who had a yard damaged.

It was a quick end to a drunken joy ride. The Mercedes landed in a yard after taking out a half dozen mailboxes.

"She comes out of the car, she was very wobbly,” said witness Faith Adams. Amy Rebello McCarthy stumbled out and blew twice the legal limit.

Cops figured they'd find a drunken driver. They were prepared for the worst and shocked by the oddest: A fake gun was found on a man, and a lizard on a woman.

"A lizard? That's odd. A little odd," a man said.  

"I didn't see that. I don't know why she'd have a lizard under her shirt…” Keith said.

One lucky lizard that lived to ride again. He survived the crash tucked under mom's shirt.

"You stumped me with that one. It takes a lot to stump me but you got me with that one," a man said of the lizard. 

Amy McCarthy, 39, is not a stranger to trouble. She has more than 130 priors in Taunton alone. She faced a judge on Tuesday, but was held on a different charge. The lizard is in protective custody with animal control.

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