Diamonds are forever? Mets player breaks necklace, scattering jewels

Diamonds are forever? Mets player breaks necklace, scattering jewels
Posted at 7:48 AM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-03 05:15:55-04

(RNN) - A slide into second base turned into a costly ordeal for one New York Mets player.

Yoenis Cespedes’ diamond necklace broke during the game at Citi Field against the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday night.

After the slide for the double, Cespedes noticed the broken necklace and threw it to the ground in disgust.

Cespedes’ chain may have become caught on Braves second baseman Ozzie Albies’ foot during the play, the New York Post theorized.

An official and some of his teammates picked up some of the diamonds scattered around second base.

“Well, the cleanup is underway after Yoenis Cespedes’ necklace exploded,” said SNY broadcaster Gary Cohen. "Asdrubal Cabrera, who has done everything for this team this year, now doing the housekeeping, as well."

"They were around the base. I didn’t want somebody to slide on them," said Mets second baseman Asdrubal Cabrera. 

Cespedes reclaimed 25 diamonds by the end of the night, the New York Daily News said.

The Mets lost 7-0 to the Braves. Cespedes didn't get on base the rest of the night.

Naturally, social media reacted to the glittering play.

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