Couple steals car, runs out of gas and gets ride from officers to jail

Posted at 5:29 PM, Aug 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 17:29:29-04

WAVERLY, IA (KWWL/CNN) – Two suspected car thieves ran out of gas in their stolen car and ended up flagging down an unmarked police car when they needed a lift, police say.  The chain of events put Daryl Shea and Kole Brodigan behind bars.

Waverly Detective Troy Schneider and Officer Cory Stephens were driving when the couple asked them for a ride before they saw the men were in uniform. The stolen car had run out of gas, and been found by the two officers. But Shea and Brodigan needed a ride, and found out that they had asked the wrong driver when the officers stepped out of the car.

"I saw the two come out of the ditch, and I kind of nudged him (Schneider) and said wouldn't it be funny if these were our suspects," Stephens told KWWL.  "When I stepped out in my uniform, they put two and two together that maybe we weren't the best people to stop and ask for help.” 

The officers recognized the hitchhikers, who are now in jail and charged with theft.  The stolen car was reunited with its owner, and the suspects ended up getting a ride, but not the one they had hoped. 

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