Controversial video: Cops cite 'blue racism'

Posted at 1:58 AM, Aug 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 01:58:04-04

(CNN) - A new video posted by a New York Police Department Sergeants Union has stoked controversy online.

In the video, posted above, the union says that officers suffer from so-called “blue racism.” The video was posted Sunday to the Sergeant’s Benevolent Association’s YouTube page.

The narrator suggests that officers face racism because of their job. The video also incorrectly quotes civil rights icon Rev. Martin Luther King.

Some people condemned the union for implying that police officers are a race. The NAACP called the clip “reprehensible.”

The Sergeants Union president said the goal of the video is to get people talking about solutions to anti-police sentiments and violence.

The NYPD declined comment and referred CNN to the union.

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