Colorado not as chill as we thought? Group wants age limit on smartphones

Posted at 3:47 PM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 15:47:01-04

(RNN) - Oh those darn kids and their fancy smartphones. If only there was a way to prevent them from having them.

Enter Tim Farnum, Colorado's resident anti-preteen data usage crusader.

Farnum is opposed to the kids playing the Angry Birds, the Candy Crush and the Clash Royale. Also, the opposition is opposed to LOL-ing, face swapping and emoji-ing with SnapChat followers. He is spearheading a campaign to get a law passed that would punish retailers who sell smartphones for use by anyone under 13 years old.

The group Farnum founded is called Parents Against Underage Smartphones, which should be named Parents Against Underage Smartphone Users.

There is no word on how old Farnum believes the smartphone needs to be before it can be purchased for a preteen.

PAUS' website says "we truly are at an unprecedented crossroads in history," and claims that if the plan succeeds, "all the other states will be jealous."

It also links to an article about Microsoft founder Bill Gates saying under 14 is too young to have a smartphone, as well as a proposed law in Ireland that would set the age at 14.

The group's bill proposal would require retailers to ask who the phone is intended for and then report to the state government that it did so. If the retailer sells a phone intended to be used by a preteen, they get fined.

If they don't sell that phone, peace and world unity will have been maintained throughout the land.

There is no word on what happens if anyone involved lies. There are also no specifics on what happens if someone at least 13 years old lets a kid use their phone or if the phone is acquired for free.

The proposal needs 300,000 signatures before it can be placed on the ballot in November 2018.

The website says Farnum is an anesthesiologist and father of five, ages 11-19.

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