Colorado doctor accused of dyeing patients' genital areas purple

Colorado doctor accused of dyeing patients' genital areas purple
Posted at 2:54 PM, Nov 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-09 10:01:00-05

GRAND JUNCTION, CO (KJCT/CNN) – Imagine going to the doctor for an exam and leaving with your genital area dyed purple.

Not for any medical reason but just as a joke.

It happened to a Colorado woman, and the doctor who did it, still has a license to practice.

"I would never in a million years dream of something like that happening," said Buffy Lake, a resident.  

An OBGYN was dyeing his patients genitals purple and then calling it a joke. 

"What I know is that, as an organization, obviously this is behavior is something that we take seriously," said Dr. Thomas Tobin with Community Hospital.  "Just like plane crashes, they are very rare when you look at the sheer number of flights a day, but they're horrific and they affect everyone at kind of a gut level because it is disturbing."

Dr. Barry King no longer works in Grand Junction, or anywhere it appears now. 

"Dr. King was immediately suspended, pending an investigation, he was suspended without pay," said Tobin. 

But his medical license is still very intact. 

"In my mind doing that to somebody's personal parts is no different in my mind than molesting them," said Lake. "I'm very shocked he has his medical license."

That's why 'Care 2 Petition 'trying to bring the communities anger to the state. 

"That's a person that you're supposed to trust and that's just way over the line," said Lake. 

"The patient, physician relationship is one of immersive amount of trust for it to be successful," said Tobin. 

Court records show King last worked in Louisiana at a military hospital.

That hospital says he does not work there anymore as of Oct. 31, but did not say why.

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