City builds 'border wall' for Canada geese

City builds 'border wall' for Canada geese
Posted at 1:08 AM, Sep 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-31 21:45:04-04

MOLINE, IL (WQAD/CNN) – Canada geese have taken over a park in Illinois, and not everyone is ready to welcome the feathery visitors.

One resident turned that sentiment into political satire.

Because of the mess they often leave, some in Moline, IL, are trying to keep the geese away from Ben Butterworth Parkway.

The city put up a white fence, hoping to stop geese who land in the water from waddling up onto land.

"I've seen it keeping some of the geese out,” said John Anderson, a Moline resident. “I've seen a few geese walk up and be befuddled by the fence. Geese are lazier than most people."

Anderson said he heard about Moline's plan and thought it was a funny attempt to keep the geese away – so, he made a sign that reads: “Forget the Fence, build a Wall. Make Canada pay for it.”

"The idea just kind of came to me, kind of poking fun at Moline, poking fun at Trump," Anderson said.

Park visitors are still debating whether the birds should stay or go. As for Anderson, he's not especially pro-goose.

"We don't need to be 'fowled' by a bunch of duck yuck and goose gunk on the parkway," he said.

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