Celine Dion releases new song ... with Deadpool's help

Posted at 11:57 AM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-03 09:32:38-04

(RNN) - One of Canada's greatest entertainers is starring in a new music video. Celine Dion is in it, too.

The singer released her first English-language song in two years Thursday, titled "Ashes." The song is much in Dion's signature style; what's unusual is it's on the soundtrack for a comic book movie: "Deadpool 2."

The video features clips from the fourth-wall-breaking antihero's latest exploits, as well as a soulful Deadpool dance routine. The movie's title character (played by Ryan Reynolds) also critiques his fellow Canadian's performance.

"Well, it's too good," Deadpool says. "This is 'Deadpool 2,' not 'Titanic.' You’re at, like, an 11. We need to get you at a five, 5 1/2 tops. Just phone it in."

"This thing (points at self) only goes to 11. So beat it, Spider-Man," she replies.

The unlikely pairing joins a long list of viral marketing tactics by the R-rated movie franchise. They've included:

  • Bob "Happy Little Trees" Rossi impression (EXPLICIT)
  • Cancer research fundraiser (Surprisingly EXPLICIT)
  • #12DaysOfDeadpool (only a little EXPLICIT)
  • Beating up Mario "A.C. Slater" Lopez (EXPLICIT near the end)
  • Emoji billboard (EXPLICIT-ish)
  • Shameless coattail riding on "Avengers: Infinity War" (EXPLI- No, that one's OK)

"Deadpool 2" is set for release May 18.

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