Caught on camera: Angry customers trash Chick-fil-A restaurant

Posted at 4:29 AM, Aug 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 04:29:21-04

JACKSONVILLE, FL (WAWS/WFOX/CNN) – Two angry customers at a Florida Chick-fil-A caused more than $900 worth of damage while reportedly trying to get free food.

Cell phone video of the scene shows two women yelling at Chick-fil-A employees July 31. Later, one of the women tosses condiments all over the floor, and you can hear something shatter in the background.

Allison Music, who posted the video on Facebook, says she saw a teenage boy arguing with an employee for over 20 minutes before the two women approached the counter.

Witnesses say the argument was over a refund for cold chicken nuggets. An employee told officers in the police report one of the suspects was complaining and trying to get refunds and free food.

The report states the suspect was told to leave due to the store closing, but they shook the locked door handle from the outside, causing damage to the handle and door. It also states another person picked up a table vase and threw it across the business, breaking it on the floor.

"There were a bunch of kids in there that were scared and wanted to leave,” Music said.

Store management says they got the police involved.

"We apologize for the disruption that took place at our restaurant. We are cooperating fully with the local police as there is a pending investigation,” said the restaurant owner in a statement.

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