CA, San Francisco sues feds over sanctuary cities funds threat

Posted at 7:44 AM, Aug 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-15 07:44:36-04

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO/CNN) - California officials are suing the Trump administration for its funding threat against sanctuary cities.

The California's attorney general is issuing a warning to the Trump administration for its latest attempt to target its sanctuary status.

"We're intent on stopping anyone who will try to deny us the dollars that we have earned, the dollars that we have paid for, to provide the resources to the men and women who wear the badge," said Attorney General of California Xavier Becerra.

The Trump administration has set new conditions for law enforcement to follow in order to qualify for grants.

First, they must allow federal immigration agents access to local jails to question suspects, and secondly, they must provide agents a 48-hour notice of an impending release of anyone wanted for questioning.

San Francisco joined the state in filing its own lawsuit.

"We are not going to devote our limited law enforcement resources to that task," City Attorney of San Francisco Dennis Herrera said.

Republicans are behind this latest attempt to curb illegal immigration.

"I think it would do San Francisco and the state of California good if they actually cooperate with the federal government in this regard," one person said.

If San Francisco does not comply, it stands to lose $1.5 million while the state would not have access to about $28 million in grants.

Law enforcement agencies count on these grants to buy extra equipment or fund programs.

"That goes to fund everything from diversion programs to adult alternative courts to social work intervention, trying to ensure that at-risk youth get the services that they need," Herrera said.

The lawsuits come as many law enforcement agencies prepare to apply for these federal grants. The deadline is Aug. 25.

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