Boy, 6, comes home from school with two broken arms

Posted at 2:53 AM, Jan 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-04 02:53:41-05

NEW YORK (WPIX/CNN) – A New York mother was shocked that no one from her son’s school seemed to know what happened when the boy came home with both arms broken.

Mother Krystal Alejandro says as soon as she saw her 6-year-old, she noticed something was wrong with his hands.

It turned out the first grader had sustained two broken arms while on school grounds.

To make matters worse, Alejandro says none of the school staff seemed to know what happened to her son.

“It's a horrible situation – me as a parent thinking that I can't go to work because I don't know if my son is safe at school. It's just a horrible feeling to see the pain that he went through. No parent would want to go through it," Alejandro said.

All the mother knows is that about two weeks ago, her son was playing on the school playground, and that’s when something happened.

Because the incident happened around 2:30 p.m., the boy was in the care of his after-school program.

"The principal is pointing fingers at the after-school program… [and] the after-school program is saying the same thing: ‘It’s not our problem. It’s DOE’s [Department of Education] problem.’ Nobody wants to be accountable,” said Alejandro’s attorney Marcel Florestal.

Florestal is filing a notice of claim against the Department of Education.

Other parents at the school say they’re concerned about the incident.

“They should have some type of answer for what happened to that kid because that’s not right whatsoever,” one father said.

The DOE is investigating the incident.

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