Boy accidentally jabs self with hypodermic needle found at park

Posted at 6:53 AM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 06:53:20-04

NIAGARA FALLS, NY (WIVB/CNN) - A young boy's trip to the park took a scary turn last week.

Six-year-old Skyler Anderson said he was walking along a grassy area of a park trail when he saw a needle, picked it up and accidentally pricked himself.

"I picked it up, and I didn't know what it was, so I poked myself on accident," Skyler said. "Then the needle twisted, and I put the cap back on."

"As much as you tell your child not to pick something up, a small child like that has curiosity. It could've been drugs. It could've been anything, anything in that needle," said Sheena Anderson, the boy's mother. "Just be careful out there. They're anywhere, everywhere."

Skyler was rushed to the hospital to receive treatment for any possible infections.

His mom says she's worried he could have contracted Hepatitis C or even HIV even though doctors said the risk is low.

She said Skyler will have to get tested for at least the next year and for now has to take multiple medications every day.

City officials did not find any more needles in that park but said if they do, they may need to increase patrols in the area.

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