BLEEPED PROFANITY: Man yells at man for speaking Spanish to mother

Posted at 9:00 AM, May 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-23 09:00:26-04

RENO, NV (CNN) - A wheelchair-bound ban man at an airport in was captured on video making racist remarks to a man speaking Spanish.

Bilingual passenger Hector Torres said he was talking to his mother on the phone while waiting to board a United Airlines flight.

Moments later, the man referred to as "Mike" in the video began to show rage, yelling racial slurs and profanities, and at one point, even appeared to physically assault Torres.

"Mike, what did I do to you Mike? I spoke to my mother in her language. Mike, unbelievable. Sad. That's sad. Mike, right now you're making me feel really proud to be that [omitted]. Really proud. Because you know why? I wouldn't treat you like that," Torres said.

"You piece of [omitted,]" the man said.

"Mike, you know what? You're making me feel really... Incredible. Say it one more time just for the... Say it one more time. ... Explain what I did to you one more time," Torres said.

"You talking that [omitted] stupid Spanish around here when everybody else is a [omitted] English-speaking American," the man said.

When police arrived, Torres decided against pressing charges.

"Mike" did not get on the same flight as Torres.

Reno airport said in a statement that the altercation is under investigation.

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