Black driver handcuffed over 'vegetation'

Posted at 10:02 AM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 10:02:57-04

WINFIELD, KS (CNN) - Kansas police detained a man over some "vegetation" in his car window, and he captured the encounter on Facebook Live.

Rudy Samuel started the live stream when he was pulled over May 13, and Freedom 1 Organization has distributed the video. He said the officers first said they pulled him over for not using a turn signal but then came back to his car asking about what he described as "tree stuff" on his car.

"Test it. That's got to be from the tree, man," Samuel says in the video.

The officer places the vegetation in a bag and asks Samuel to step out of the car. He asks what the reason for him was needing to step out, and the cop refers to the vegetation.

"That's from the tree, sir. I don't even smoke," Samuel says.

The officer says he will test it. Samuel asks him to test it "right now," but the officer refuses before he and another cop apparently pull him out of his car.

A representative for Samuel said he was handcuffed and that the incident was racially motivated. The officers released him after searching the vehicle, which didn't turn up anything suspicious.

The police chief said his officers gave Samuel two verbal warnings before they let him go. He said the incident is now under review.

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