Biscuit the labradoodle is back home after strange opens gate

Posted at 11:47 AM, Dec 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-21 11:47:37-05

WASHINGTON, DC (WJLA/CNN) – Biscuit is home for the holidays.

The labradoodle was on the lam for several hours after someone intentionally opened the gate to the yard and let the family pet escape. Home surveillance video shows a man unlocking the latch.

Biscuit’s plight quickly went viral in Washington, DC, prompting the hashtag #findbiscuit. Even Mayor Muriel Bowser joined the cause.

"At first, I couldn't control myself,” said Biscuit’s owner Darria Turner. “I'm just like frantic.”

Turner let the family labradoodle out Wednesday afternoon in their fenced-in yard in southeast Washington. She checked on him a few minutes later and he was gone.

When she checked on him several minutes later he was gone.

"I mean, the world can be heartless sometimes," said Turner’s 7-year-old daughter Reagan.

Home surveillance video shows a man walking by Turner’s back gate trying to let biscuit out.

He then walks around to the front, opens the gate and out goes Biscuit.

"It doesn't matter how cute they are, you cannot take a dog from their family," Reagan scolded.

Biscuit returned home to squeals from a happy family Wednesday evening after two strangers found him wandering a couple of blocks away. The address on his tags led them to the Turner house.

"I’m just so happy,” Reagan said. “I heard him, when I heard that bark, I knew it was Biscuit immediately."

Biscuit’s return was even sweater because he was Reagan’s surprise Christmas gift two years ago.

"Christmas is going to be merrier than ever," she said.

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