Bear destroys car after getting stuck inside

Posted at 8:37 AM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 08:37:50-04

CANTON, CT (WFSB/CNN) - A vandal destroyed a woman's car. The suspect is about 5 feet tall and roughly 240 pounds. And a bear.

"The devastation in there is just incredible. It's like spaghetti," said Linda Morad, the car's owner.

The path to destruction began Friday night when she was housesitting for a friend. She noticed her Subaru Outback's lights on and heard strange noises.

She called 911, and police arrived quickly.

"When they got to the car and they were looking at it, it was almost like they were in disbelief," Morad said. "Next thing I know, they're taking pictures."

They managed to catch the suspect in the act. Police figured the adult black bear got inside the car by using the driver's side handle, which was damaged.

Smarter than the average bear, someone might say.

"Maybe we'll call this one Yogi, Yogi Jr. or something," Morad said.

Yogi had a much more difficult time getting out of the vehicle.

Police had the dangerous job of getting the scared bear out, which Morad said they did by opening one door and running around to the other side.

"These are the bravest," she said. "They really are."

Lucky for them, the bear ran straight into the woods, but it left its mark. There was plenty of hairs, claw marks, and ...well let's say it isn't exactly toilet trained.

Linda's insurance company already told her the car is totaled, so she is annoyed with the bear.

"Give me your name so I can take you on 'Judge Judy' to get the deductible covered," she said.

Joking aside, Morad is mostly relieved that both she and the bear are OK.

She said she wanted to tell her story to warn others. She didn't have any food in her car except one single banana, but she had brought a bag of garbage to the dump earlier in the day.

"I probably think we both were (equally) as scared - me inside the house wondering what was going on and the bear trying to get out," Morad said. "The poor thing."

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