Bear captured after romping through yards in New Mexico neighborhood

Posted at 11:25 PM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-17 23:25:51-04

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE/CNN) -  People in a New Mexico neighborhood were on edge on Thursday after finding a bear roaming the streets and jumping into backyards.  "We've got a bear running through the neighborhood right now,” said Shawn Richesin, a neighbor.

The buzz in the neighborhood was all about a bear as the furry guy ran around and climbed about the Desert Greens neighborhood on Albuquerque's west side. "That's definitely surprising. We watched him jump one fence and get over into the golf course,” said Bethany Cockrum, a witness.

Neighbors emerged from their homes, curious as Game and Fish officers tracked down the tricky 2-year-old male. "I think it's exciting. I haven't seen a bear ya know,” said Richard Zakrzewski, a neighbor.

Upon hearing the news, Zakrzewski was no longer puzzled by what took place in his backyard. "The courtyard was a complete mess, the waterfall was down, all the goldfish were eaten.” Zakrzewski said. 

As Game and Fish closed in on the energetic fella, he ducked their every move. "They're trying to corner it in someone's backyard right now,” Richesin said. He was jumping into backyard after backyard.

"I was home working, yeah but I wasn't aware there was a bear in my backyard. My dog was inside at the time sleeping, thankfully,” said homeowner Mike Godin. 

And even after he was darted, the bear, pushing through imminent sleep, just kept going. "I called Fish and Game and Animal Control and then they called the cops as well just to get whoever we could there as fast as we can, just with school starting and kids are out and so that's a little bit concerning too,”  Cockrum said.

The schools tweeted that kids would be kept inside until the bear was out of the area. It wasn't too long after that a second tranquilizer was shot into the bear. And the not-so-little guy finally drifted off so he could take a ride up to his new home in the Santa Fe National Forest.

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