Baby born at Chipotle gets a burrito-themed baby shower at restaurant

Baby born at Chipotle gets a burrito-themed baby shower at restaurant
Posted at 11:32 AM, May 07, 2018
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(RNN) – If you’re going to go with a theme, you might as well take it to the limit.

Newborn Jaden Flores was back at a Denver Chipotle over the weekend, less than a month after his mother Adrianna gave birth to him in the parking lot.

“He became the little Chipotle burrito baby,” his mom told KDVR.

The restaurant invited the family back for a burrito-themed baby shower. The cupcakes and main cake were all topped with burritos. The swaddling blanket given to little Jaden looks like a tortilla.

This whole party theme got on a roll the morning of April 10. Adrianna Alvarez was in labor with her fourth child.

“We were actually driving down this road to get to the hospital and we were getting really close to the street and I told him we’re not going to make it,” Alvarez said. “I feel like the baby is coming.”

That’s when dad called 911.

“The dispatcher is like I think you need to pull over. And we ended up in front of Chipotle. It was really weird,” Saul Alvarez said.

That dispatcher was Angie Schell.

“We do a lot of child births but we rarely get to the actual birth part,” she said. “This one was the first one in 18 years that I actually got to dispatch and help with the baby being born.”

Schell got to meet the parents at the shower.

The burrito theme doesn’t end with the party.

“We both used to work at Chipotle,” Adrianna said. “It’s an amazing thing, but shocking, surprising.”

The couple also met at one.

There’s a lot of love in those burritos.

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