Attorney for 'DUI Bride' claims story is hoax, Marana police say they have proof

Posted at 1:14 AM, Mar 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-16 01:14:43-04

An attorney for the woman dubbed the "DUI Bride" claims the story is a hoax and is demanding an apology from the Marana Police Department.

Marana police said the allegations by Amber Young's lawyer are false and they have the video to prove it.

Young, 32, made international headlines Monday, March 12, for a photo taken following her arrest on a DUI charge.

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MPD spokesman Chriswell Scott tweeted out the picture, which appeared to show a handcuffed Young in a wedding gown.

<em>Tucson News Now</em> and media outlets around the world reported on the incident and it went viral.

Amber Young, 32, was arrested on a DUI charge Monday, March 12. The Marana Police Department said Young told officers she was on her way to her wedding. Young's attorney said that is a lie. (Source: Marana Police Department)

Behan Ramsell PLLC, a criminal justice practice in Tucson, issued a news release on Thursday, March 15.

Some of the claims in the release include:

  • Young was wearing a sun dress, not a wedding dress.
  • Young was not getting married or on her way to a wedding.
  • Young received several negative messages social media following her arrest.

Scott said he looked at body cam video from the incident. <em>Tucson News Now</em> asked to see the video, but Scott said the MPD has not released it yet as it is an ongoing investigation.

Scott said Young told the arresting officers she was on her way to her wedding and even talked to them about all the things she was doing before the event.

Marana Police Chief Terry S. Rozema, release the following statement:

"In response to allegations from Ms. Young's attorney(s); there is absolutely no basis in fact that we fabricated the story about Ms. Young being on her way to her wedding when she was involved in a three car collision and was subsequently arrested for Driving Under the Influence. Contact with Ms. Young was captured on the police body camera. The audio and video capture Ms. Young stating that she is getting married, that it is her wedding day, providing details about her wedding, and affirming she is wearing her wedding dress."

Scott's tweet was deleted a few hours after it was posted, something mentioned by both Scott and Young's attorney.

Scott said the MPD removed the tweet because the story was blowing up and they did not want to further embarrass Young.

Young's attorney Michelle Behan claims the tweet was deleted because it was false.

"The fact that the police department removed it as soon as the story became viral proves they knew the story was false," Behan said in the release. "We demand the Marana Police Department apologize for this breach of public trust."

The letter from Young's attorney did not address the charges she is facing but Scott said she is still charged with DUI.

After her arrest, Young was taken to an MPD substation. She was cited and released. Scott said he doesn't know if Young made it to her wedding.

Below is a copy of the letter from Young's attorney.

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