Anti-Trump flyers pop up all over Washington

Posted at 8:49 AM, Sep 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-08 08:49:57-04

WASHINGTON, DC (WJLA/CNN) - An activist group is claiming responsibility for hanging thousands of flyers critical of President Donald Trump across Washington, DC.

Now those flyers are being taken down because there is no record of the group getting the proper permits for the posters.

Some, like one near Trump International Hotel, blast the president for his Twitter habit. Others have Uncle Sam saying there is "no room for racists."

"It creates opportunities like that for people to stop and look at it and talk about it," Marvina Williams, a Washington resident, said.

The Sophia Scholl Project created the posters, but it's been left to the Public Works Department to take them down. But with nearly 4,000 posters to be removed, it could take a while.

"I think it is a beautiful thing that everyone is finding ways to express resistance," Vienna Mbagaya, a Washington resident, said. "You see it on trucks, you see it everywhere - in alleys especially."

City officials have emphasized the posters are being torn down solely for lack of permit and not for their political content.

The Sophia Scholl Project is named for a German activist who was executed in 1943 for distributing anti-Nazi literature.

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