Angry customer allegedly poops on floor, throws it at restaurant worker

Angry customer allegedly poops on floor, throws it at restaurant worker
Posted at 6:50 AM, May 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-17 03:32:20-04

LANGLEY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA (RNN) – A Canadian woman could face charges after she was detained by police for allegedly defecating on a restaurant floor then throwing the excrement at a worker.

Tim Hortons, a Canadian-based fast food restaurant known for its coffee and donuts, said it is looking into the Monday incident, according to Global News.

Surveillance video posted online appears to show a customer arguing with a restaurant employee behind the counter. She then grabs some napkins and pulls down her pants.

WARNING: The content of the video is graphic, contains nudity and may be disturbing to some viewers. Click here to watch it.

Leaning against a partition, the irate woman apparently defecates on the floor before bending down to scoop up the feces and throw it at the worker.

She finishes by wiping her bottom with napkins and throwing those, too, at the worker.

Afterward, the woman pulls her pants back up and runs off-screen.

Police were called and located the suspect in the parking lot, CTV News reports. Officers “briefly detained” but released her after she promised to appear in court.

A spokesperson for Tim Hortons told CTV News it appears an employee refused to let the woman into the restaurant’s locked restroom based on the customer’s "past behavior.”

The worker was worried that letting her in could impact "the immediate safety" of customers and other employees, the spokesperson said.

No one was injured in the incident, and it is yet to be determined if charges will be filed.

The company said it is working with the restaurant owner to investigate the matter further.

According to CBC News, the woman is known to police in the area.

Police said they don’t know how the video ended up getting published online, CTV News reports.

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