'Angel of Death' dies in prison

Posted at 8:25 AM, Sep 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-26 08:25:53-04

VERMILLION COUNTY, IN (WTHI/CNN) - A convicted serial killer has died in prison.

Orville Lynn Majors, 56, was convicted of killing six patients and was serving a 360-year sentence at a prison in Michigan City, IN, when he died Sunday.

Autopsy results show Majors had cardiac issues and died of natural causes.

Though he was convicted of killing six, investigators say there may have been more victims.

Majors, who was a nurse at the former Vermillion County Hospital, was convicted of injecting patients in his care with a deadly amount of potassium chloride.

It was a story that broke new ground in police investigations.

A renowned electro-physiologist from Indianapolis blew the case open for police.

He found a disturbing pattern in more than 100 medical charts while Majors was a nurse at the hospital, a pattern that proved suddenly and unnaturally the patients' hearts stopped.

It was this testimony that proved to jurors nurse Majors was guilty, but it was a trial that pulled the community apart.

Frank Turchi, a Clinton native who became the lead investigator on the case for the Indiana State Police, said the case consumed his life for five years, and it's one of those stories he said you never can fully let go.

"For me, it was the hospital I was born in, and it was in the community I was raised in, and so there were people that hated me for what I did and there were people that were happy with what I did," he said.

A journalist who worked the story in April 1995 recalled those very dark days.

"News people came from all over the country to cover that story," former WTHI assignments manager Vicki Weger said. "It was in 'People' magazine, the 'New York Times' and all the big publications, and television shows covered it. It was just unbelievable, really still is when you think about it."

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