Alligator wrangled in Rhode Island, moved away from nearby children

Posted at 11:33 AM, Sep 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-18 11:33:18-04

GLOCESTER, RI (WJAR/CNN) - A Rhode Island man spotted a stray alligator and jumped on it to keep it away from nearby kids.

"I look out of my passenger window and there's an alligator," said George Bouffard. "I was like wow, this was cool so I pulled over."

Ron Rossier helped wrangle the alligator.

"The adrenaline was happening the whole time and it wasn't until it was like all over I'm like 'Phew, do you have a heart attack pill anybody?'" Rossier said.

Glocester police said the gator was about four feet long and was seen Saturday afternoon near a campground.

"I come down the street and a gator come across, right in front of me," Rossier said.

A crowd cornered it while animal control and Glocester police were called.

"The officer made his move with the noose and I made my move," Rossier said. "The gator stood up on his hind legs and on his tail. The officer had him by the neck and I just jumped right on him."

They eventually got the alligator's mouth taped shut.

"It could have been a different story if he got into the lake," Rossier said. "There's kids around, but I care about animals and I wanted to make sure that he was safe."

It's unclear how the alligator got there, but it's been moved away from the scene and is safe.

"We've got coyotes, we got bears, we got deer, not alligators," Buoffard said. "Not in northern Rhode Island."

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