Airline leaves 200 passengers stranded after canceled flight

Posted at 11:14 PM, Jul 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-24 23:14:02-04

LAS VEGAS, NV (KVVU/CNN) -  About 200 passengers were left stranded in Las Vegas Sunday night, after a flight to Oklahoma City was canceled.

The airline told the frustrated passengers it doesn't have another flight to put them on until Thursday.

What started as a fun trip ended in a travel nightmare.

"We are all just trapped here now at the airport in Las Vegas," passenger Alana Buckner said.

Mechanical problems stopped the Allegiant flight from Las Vegas to Oklahoma City, after just minutes on the runway.

"They asked us to deplane, we all got off of the plane, they gave us some soda and then said that they regretted to inform us that unfortunately there's no other flights until Thursday," Buckner said.

All that was offered in return was $300 In seven to ten days.

"No money to eat, no flights, all of the cars are gone and no rental cars. We have no hotel room," Buckner said.

When these passengers tried to get answers, they were denied.

"They locked the doors. We asked to speak with somebody higher up and they said that she is on vacation,” Buckner said.

“We asked for phone numbers for someone corporate anything and they said that there's nothing that we could do and they were going to call security, we needed to leave."

The passengers needed to leave, but had nowhere to go.

"I'm assuming some of us will be sleeping on these benches because we have nowhere else to go," Buckner said.

These passengers are just hoping for an airport miracle.

"It's ridiculous. I feel like at the very least you should give us another plane. Even at 7 a.m., give me something,” Buckner said.

“Thursday is not even an option. We all have children and jobs that we have to be to Monday morning and no way to get back home."

Allegiant Airlines said it will refund tickets for passengers that book with another airline.

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