Adopted goose flies alongside man's truck on way to work

Posted at 5:26 PM, Aug 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-15 17:26:19-04

HILLSBORO, ND (WDAY/CNN) - A North Dakota man has adopted a goose that follows him to work in training for the day when the faithful bird will fly away from his beloved owner.

Adam Gettel adopted Wilbur the goose at a gas station and has since raised the bird that is more like a faithful pet.  

“Wilbur is usually the one that follows me where ever I go,”  Gettel said on Monday of the most loyal goose among a flock of geese feeding in his noisy farmyard.

When Gettel drives his truck to work, Wilbur flies alongside the vehicle leading a pack of his feathered friends. Wilbur artfully dodges oncoming cars on the rural road and flies just feet from Gettel’s window.

“He is an amazing bird and he likes to maintain eye contact while I'm driving down the road. It's really amazing to see him in his natural beauty flying right outside the truck window. You don't usually get that close to a flock of flying geese, especially to be able to see them at point blank range and potentially be able to reach out and pet them while they're flying next to you," Gettel told WDAY.

All the flying is preparation for the day when the fowl will fly away to migrate with other geese.

But there is a chance Wilbur will winter near Hillsboro. The Crystal Sugar factory has open water that is attractive to the Canada Geese, WDAY says. 

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