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Storms cause major flooding in parts of Las Vegas

Some called the flooding in Vegas over the weekend "the worst" they've seen in a while; as cars became stuck, residents found themselves in danger.
Storms cause major flooding in parts of Las Vegas
Posted at 1:30 PM, Sep 03, 2023

The National Weather Service has asked people to stay off the roads in parts of Las Vegas after flash floods ravaged parts of the city this weekend.

Resident Michelle Good told Scripps News Las Vegas that the significant and sustained flooding in parts of the city was "the worst" she had "seen so far."

Good said she had dealt with flooding before but said this time "it’s pretty bad."

Good said she had dealt with flood situations in the city at least three times previously. 

Forecasters expected some risk of more rain on Sunday before conditions were expected to start to dry out for the rest of the week. 

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Another resident who spoke to Scripps News said they became trapped in their vehicle at one point while trying to traverse inundated portions of the city. 

"It was crazy. I don’t walk really well, so just trying to get out of the car, I couldn’t do that. I had to call paramedics," said Marybess McGee.

"It's just scary," said McGee. 

The flooding came after the city experienced heavy rainfall that kept drenching the desert city over the course of multiple days. 

Over 30 vehicles became stranded as rescue workers had to go out for at least 24 water rescues to help people stranded in moving water, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue reported. At least one person was thought to have drowned in the flood waters. Witnesses reported seeing the person being swept away by rising, moving water.  

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