Thomas County Central's Emily Curry - WTXL Scholar Athlete of the Week

Scholar Athlete Photo
Posted at 12:08 AM, Sep 28, 2017
and last updated 2018-02-15 07:29:01-05

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WTXL) - It's a pretty special feeling for those that helped start the volleyball program at Thomas County Central last season.

"It was awesome. I was honored to be last year on the first ever, first volleyball team the Lady Jackets ever had," said senior Emily Curry. "It'll go in the books that we were on the first team just build up to what we can become."

And what they've become? A team that's left a legacy at Central, and Emily's been a big part in setting it.

"She's very focused, very serious on the court," said head coach Hannah Shierling "She also has this great personality too that the younger girls really look up to her."

"I enjoy being a leader for these young girls," said Emily. "It reflects highly on our team. A good effort for them looks good on everyone."

It's not just effort on the court that Emily's giving, as she has a near 4.2 GPA in the classroom.

"Academics always come first, regardless if there's a game, practice, anything that comes first is always academics," she said. "I was raised you don't play sports unless you have good grades!"

"For high school kids, it's hard for them to get their priorities straight, and she definitely has her priorities in line," said coach Shierling. "There's the academics, they do come first. She is a student athlete, student comes first always."

Order is something that Emily will keep next year, as she plans on attending the Naval Academy.

"She's got it in her," said coach Shierling. "She has the drive and I think she's going to be a great part of the Naval Academy."

Leaving behind a legacy in Thomasville, and becoming a part of a legacy, in the future.