Tallahassee CrossFit Athlete Competes in CrossFit Games

Tallahassee CrossFit Athlete Competes in CrossFit Games
Posted at 11:06 PM, Jul 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-24 19:51:07-04

TALLAHASSEE (WTXL) - What's left to accomplish in your athletic career after you win two National Rugby Championships at Florida State and a Rugby World Cup? Just ask Tallahassee's Colleen Fahey, who's taken her post rugby life to a new level.

Fahey is now an elite CrossFit athlete. She won the CrossFit games in 2013, finished 9th in 2014, and is hungry for another title.

"I have always been a competitive person," she said in between training at CrossFit Black Box. "I've always been a gym goer, so when I found out there was a sport of fitness that really intrigued me. I'm 50 and I'm still doing this! I'm couldn't be prouder."

CrossFit Games athletes compete in physical challenges, and Fahey has trained six days a week for up to four hours each day to get to this point.

"In this sport you don't get anything unless you work really hard," she said. "You gotta put in a lot of hours, and you have to be wiling to do things. That's an inspiration to have people see me work as hard as I possibly can."

Fahey grew up in a military family, so she's lived everywhere, and sports have always helped her make new friends. She said she loves the camaraderie of CrossFit.

"It's definitely everybody cheers until the last person is done," she said.  "It's not just I'm done and you guys are behind me. It's I am going to help everyone else finish. There's a lot of cheering and a lot of enthusiasm."

Fahey said she has no plans on slowing down. She's competing this week in the Women 50-54 Masters Division, and said she wants to compete in the 60+ Division in ten years.