Spring Practice Preview: New Gadsden County Consolidated School

Spring Practice Preview: New Gadsden County Consolidated School
Posted at 11:55 PM, Apr 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-28 23:55:00-04

HAVANA, Fl. (WTXL) - We don't know what the newly consolidated high school in Gadsden County will be called. We don't even know it's mascot, or what color the sports teams will wear. We do know spring football is underway, and the kids are working hard.

Joey Striplin, the head coach of the new team, says interest is high. He notes he's had upwards of sixty kids all off season. Over a dozen of those kids are from West Gadsden High School. They board a bus every day after school to attend practice, and so far, Striplin says the two teams have meshed well.

The highlight on this squad? Dentarrious Yon, who was the 1A Player of the Year last season at West Gadsden, and Striplin says expect this new squad to take advantage of that arm.

"People think we throw the ball all the time, but last year we had 3000 passing, 2000 rushing," he said, adding that they will run a pro style offense out of a spread. "We had a lot of yards. I like to mix it up. We are no huddle. I try to get our team into the best play possible against their defense so if they execute it the place you go. We try to put our kids in a good position. On defense, we'll run to the football, make plays and have some fun on defense."

The team makes their debut Thursday, May 18th when they host Leon High School.